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Future of Jobs and Employment - Glen Hiemstra (Futures Agency Member)


Where will future jobs come from? There are few questions that I get asked more than this one. It is becoming generally accepted that the fall off in jobs that came with the great recession in the States and the age of austerity in Europe, may not come back, at least not in the same numbers and at the same quality and pay. People going back to work as the recession has wound down have often ended up in jobs that pay less and are lower level than the job they lost. Is this the future?


In our latest Futurist Forum live discussion, Glen Hiemstra, founder of, will look at how work will evolve over the next several decades both in America and globally. Work is in the process of becoming more knowledge intensive, but it is easy to exaggerate the importance of this trend. The job as we understood it is disappearing, even as history is likely to repeat itself and produce unprecedented levels of employment. There will be jobs in the future, ranging from the familiar, like dental assistants, to the exotic, like brain augmenters. What will the jobs be and how can one best prepare?


Jason Silva on the advantage of being awestruck. Terrific. Enjoy.

The Futures Agency: What Mars Means to Earth


I am a fan of Mars. I think people will live there one day. Really. So I was quite excited to watch the NASA/JPL live feed last night of the landing of Curiosity, the largest craft ever soft landed on another planet, and to share vicariously in the moment. Watch it here.

Then today my friend…

via The Futures Agency: Future of Telemedicine


Last week I had the privilege of presenting a keynote speech to the annual conference on the future of Telemedicine, put on the Northwest Regional Telehealth Resource Center, in Billings, Montana.

As I thought about a theme for my talk what occurred to me was that there are certain…

TheFuturesAgency: Our Future in Space: Moving Offworld


Three milestones in space were passed in the last four days. The NASA spacecraft Dawn began its close approach to the second largest of the know asteroids in the asteroid belt, the asteroid Vesta.

The final space shuttle mission ended with the…