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OLPC Project Puts Tablets In The Hands Of Formerly Illiterate Children With Amazing Results | TechCrunch

The hut became a focal point for the town’s children, and the kids loved their tablets so much that they slept with them. One kid would learn how to launch a Disney movie and the others would follow. Another kid learned how to unlock the built-in camera. It was a form of viral education that we see, under the surface of many childhood interactions, every day. They learned without learning.

What Tumblr can tell us about the future of media — Tech News and Analysis

Just as Tumblr seems to be trying to imitate a mainstream media entity by hiring bloggers to cover political conventions, traditional media outlets are trying to become more Tumblr-like by adopting animated GIFs and other tools as a way of making their content more viral.

YouTube commissions more content

YouTube, of course, which this week revised its new strategy of commissioning its own video content for its channels. Last year, the Google offered a million dollars each to 100 video creators in exchange for original content that would be released on YouTube. Now, they’ve expanded the program to include another batch of creators, and launched it in the UK, France, and Germany.

The deal remains the same - the money is an interest-free advance, to be repaid from the ad revenues. Once the advance is earned out, the revenues are split between Google and the videographer. There has been criticism that Google hasn’t done enough to promote the channels, although they point out that 25 of them are doing more than a million views a week.

Phil Simon: Platforms, Disruption, and Television: My Interview With John Funge of BrightContext

Basically, data subscribe and push will become as prominent as the request-respond approach that has dominated the Internet for the last two decades.

Facebook at 1 billion users: The mother of big data problems? | ZDNet

Facebook hit the 1 billion user milestone and the company has released a bevy of statistics for the occasion.

219 billion photos uploaded (excluding deleted ones) and 265 billion including them.
17 billion location tagged posts and check-ins.
600 million mobile users.
An average user age of 22.