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The lesson is simple: the only meaningful way to evaluate forecasters is over the long term, and even then past performance is no guarantee of future results. Show me a forecaster who comes close to the figures year after year, in recessions and booms, and I’ll agree he or she may offer value to investors and executives. Until then, you’ll do just as well guessing the numbers yourself as guessing which forecaster would do better.

Business and humanity are not separate to nature | Guardian Sustainable Business | Guardian

"Our current business approach (with its immense power to fuel problems as well as deliver solutions) is neither balanced nor holistic but a continuation in reductionist thinking that is anthropocentric in its belief and behaviour"
Gerd comments: totally spot-on, couldn’t have said it better myself :)

To deal with black swans, we instead need things that gain from volatility, variability, stress and disorder. My (admittedly inelegant) term for this crucial quality is “antifragile.” The only existing expression remotely close to the concept of antifragility is what we derivatives traders call “long gamma,” to describe financial packages that benefit from market volatility. Crucially, both fragility and antifragility are measurable.

Meet Gerd Leonhard Nov 5 in Sao Paulo:Evento vai discutir novas mídias e economia sustentável

“Ou qualquer pessoa que queira mudar o mundo”, brinca Gerd Leonhard, um ex-músico profissional que virou empreendedor de mídia digital, CEO de startup de internet e futurista. “Nossa ideia é atingir gente interessada no futuro da mídia e que deseje desenhar, nos próximos cinco anos, o papel que o Brasil pode ter nesse novo mundo.” O tópico-chave de sua palestra será “do ego ao eco”. Leonhard explica: “Estamos nos transformando em uma nova sociedade, onde todos estão globalmente conectados. É uma ‘network-society’. E a economia também está mudando, do ego, que significa o lucro a qualquer preço, para o eco, uma economia sustentável”.

If you focus only on the economy, you will achieve economic growth, but will face negative consequences on other fronts such as environment, sustainable social issues, stress in everyday life, etc. But, if you concentrate on holistic development, then you are likely to achieve improvement in well-being.
How much does the internet contribute to the economies of G20 countries? (via Daily chart: Digital shopkeepers | The Economist)

How much does the internet contribute to the economies of G20 countries? (via Daily chart: Digital shopkeepers | The Economist)


From the feature story: Unemployment, Inc.: Six reasons why America can’t create jobs.