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Online Publishers Association: more 2012 nuggets

While banner ads are losing their luster, native ads became the trendy idea for 2012. Well, really a retread of an old idea: advertorials. In this new twist, native advertising runs in the editorial stream as branded content or sponsored packages. Native ads include any approach that integrates fully into the design or content of the website or app…
Gerd adds: advertising is becoming …. Content ;) like I said.

Fight Growing Over Online Royalties -

Sirius, for example, pays 8 percent of its revenue to record companies and artists. Pandora pays a fraction of a cent each time a song is streamed, which last year amounted to about 54 percent of its revenue, or $149 million.
“The rate being too high dramatically depresses how much music gets played,” Mr. Westergren said in a recent interview. “It has really suffocated the industry.”

Gerd adds: the music industry loves to choke their golden geese. Pandora should pay a percentage of revenues just like any other radio service, IMHO.