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Recorded Jan 18, 2013, in Mill Valley, CA, this is Part 3 of a conversation between me and Futurist Dr. James Canton. This video is part of the new series (launching soon). Topics discussed include general sustainability trends and predictions, ‘green future’ opportunities, the future of capitalism and ‘growth & profit economics’, accountability and social innovation, renewable energy, Jeremy Rifkin’s Intergrid, and much more. Apologies for the low audio output, btw; try the MP3 version via the link below for better sound.

MAN (by Steve Cutts

Nice video on consumption and sustainability

Meet me in Sao Paulo Nov 5: Markets of the Future: From Ego to Eco. On Nov. 5 at the Museum of Image and Sound - MIS in São Paulo, Gerd Leonhard presents a strategic vision on the future of global business focus eyes on innovation and sustainability. Leonhard stresses the urgency of shifting the paradigm of “ego” to “eco”. Gilson Schwartz of organising body USP - University of São Paulo, suggested adding “icon” to form a triad that defines the game’s new digital capitalism.

From the synthesis between Leonhard’s and Schwartz’s ideas comes this first seminar, which will be broadcast live over the Internet starting the evening of the 5th of November. The seminar is supported by “The Futures Agency”, the “Creative Business Cup”, the Museum of Image and Sound, international network of Games for Change and the research group Iconomia.