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The Swiss Miracle? interesting piece on Switzerland (where I live)

At their root, Europe’s economic and political problems result from a crisis of legitimacy. In Europe, the common economic zone and currency were created without an accompanying federal government. And the union itself controls less than two percent of the combined national GDPs of the 27 EU member states and is thus largely inoperative. National governments have retained their legitimacy but are bound to a hapless and unpopular union…”

Gerd adds: some good points here. Sometimes, however, this idyllic stability also means incredible isolation;)

Recorded Jan 18, 2013, in Mill Valley, CA, this is Part 3 of a conversation between me and Futurist Dr. James Canton. This video is part of the new series (launching soon). Topics discussed include general sustainability trends and predictions, ‘green future’ opportunities, the future of capitalism and ‘growth & profit economics’, accountability and social innovation, renewable energy, Jeremy Rifkin’s Intergrid, and much more. Apologies for the low audio output, btw; try the MP3 version via the link below for better sound.