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(NEW TODAY: The 2nd episode of The Future Show is now available: the future of knowledge and learning - Futurist, Author & Keynote Speaker Gerd Leonhard)

The perceived value of data, basic information and fact-based human knowledge is becoming increasingly commoditised by the efficiency and sheer horse-power of digital technologies. Any Internet user can now look up, find out and tap into almost any information, anywhere, anytime — and very soon, artificial intelligence and so-called cognitive computing will become as normal as sending an SMS. The traditional education paradigm of just-in-case learning is being challenged by the just-in-time learning approach that the Internet seems to afford. As a result, human ingenuity and intuition (‘knowing without knowing’), creativity, social or emotional intelligence and a new kind of wisdom will matter increasingly.


The Future Show with Gerd Leonhard. Series 1, episode 1: Privacy Failure (by Gerd Leonhard)
Brand-new, just released!

In this episode: Is privacy really dead? Would a world without anonymity really be desirable? Should we simply accept that our communications, opinions, images, movements and actions are 99% public by default? Will wearable computing devices such as Google Glass, medical self-monitoring devices and smart watches and the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) make it even harder to adhere to some kind of privacy standard? Will we really live in world where ‘everything that happens must be known’ (read Dave Eggers’ book ‘The Circle)? TFS host and creator Gerd Leonhard believes that in a world where almost everything is watched, recorded and analysed, and where information spreads like wildfire, we urgently need to strike a personal balance between openness and transparency and a collective standard of privacy, and frequently review our data-sharing paradigms to avoid entering into truly Faustian bargains. Allowing for mistakes and imperfections is what makes us human, but how would still uphold this concept if we are being monitored and ‘quantified’ all the time

This is episode #8 of Meeting of the Minds featuring futurists Gerd Leonhard and Ross Dawson, discussing the future of sustainability, the circular economy and the triple bottom line.  Ross Dawson 

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This Sex Offender-Spotting App Sounds Like a Really Bad Idea

There’s been a fair bit of discussion in the past week about an app for Google Glass that uses facial recognition to stalk “connect with” people around you. What few people seem to have pointed out so far is that this seems like a really bad idea.

Down The Rabbit Hole We Go! 300+ Mind Expanding Documentaries

I watch a lot of documentaries. I think they are incredible tools for learning and increasing our awareness of important issues. The power of an interesting documentary is that it can open our minds to new possibilities and deepen our understanding of the world.

17 Signs You're Actually In A Serious Relationship...With Your Smartphone

The new Spike Jonze movie, “Her,” tells the story of a man who falls in love with his computer. The film has critics blogging and tweeting about what this era of blogging and tweeting really means for the future of human intimacy.

Risk and responsibility in a hyperconnected world: Implications for enterprises

When “everything is becoming digital,” private, public, and civil institutions become more dependent on information systems and more vulnerable to attack by sophisticated cybercriminals, political “hacktivists,” nation-states, and even their own employees.

The End of Dumb Money

Until a few months ago, pretty much the only people who cared about Bitcoin were drug dealers and socially-anemic guys who grew up playing Dungeons & Dragons… and still do.

Mobile Advertising Projected to Increase 64% in 2014

As our web presence expands, so does the advertising space. Agencies are using mobile and native advertising to catch consumers’ attention on a variety of online platforms. Companies nearly tripled the amount of money spent on mobile advertising, from $1.

Brian Chesky: The 'Sharing Economy' and Its Enemies

San Francisco’s Radius Cafe is one of those places where “local” is the rule—all the food is sourced within a 100-mile radius of the restaurant. So it’s a touch ironic to meet there with Brian Chesky, the hoodie-wearing 32-year-old co-founder of Airbnb, whose game plan is global.

Bill Gates Says The World Is Getting Vastly Better, While Crushing Myths About Foreign Aid

For the past five years, Bill and Melinda Gates have released a letter in January outlining the work the foundation has done in the last year. This year, the duo took a bit of a different approach.

Snowden Calls Russian-Spy Story “Absurd” in Exclusive Interview

Edward J. Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor turned whistle-blower, strongly denies allegations made by members of Congress that he was acting as a spy, perhaps for a foreign power, when he took hundreds of thousands of classified U.S. government documents.

Why 2014 is 'tipping point' for Internet: Marissa Mayer

Marissa Mayer, chief executive of Yahoo, has said that 2014 will be a “tipping point” for the evolution of the Internet. This year is one of the most important ever for the Internet and technology, according to Mayer.