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NTT docomo Simultaneous Interpretation System #DigInfo (by Diginfonews)

This will totally change the world of media, advertising and marketing. ETA: 2 years

The Future of Communication? Let's Ask the Experts

Good interviews, useful snippets

The next revolution will be always-on, always-broadband communication. And for that we need a radical rethink of the role of the operators and of infrastructure. When we talk about “designing the whole widget” in the age of mobile broadband, the whole widget must include the network

The Future of Communication? Let’s Ask the Experts

Gerd says:  agreed… I call this TeleMedia see

 (via MediaFuturist: New video: the future of Business and Communications (from Olavstoppen event in Stavanger May 3, 2012)

This is the complete video of my keynote at the Olavstoppen POL2012 event in Stavanger / Norway, on The Future of Business and Communications; May 3, 2012. You can download the PDF with the slides I used (low res version, creative commons licensed): Download Future of Business Olavstoppen Gerd Leonhard Keynote Public (6MB).  Most high-res versions of my presentations can be found at Slideshare. You can download the video via this link (or add the file to your dropbox).