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Data is the new Oil: 3 illustrations - which one do you think is best? The theme was coined by Clive Humby at AMA 2006, but I use it a lot in my talks and presentations, see the links here

The b/w piece was done by Sedat Oezgen, the green & cloud piece is by Gerry Alpern, and the people/cloud background was licensed from sevensheaven

HuffPost Live: a terrible debut, but don't rule out online video | Comment is free |

Consider it a race: in addition to HuffPo Live, one can now watch is Sean Parker and Sean Fanning’s Airtime, an attempt to match the video feeds of like-minded strangers while cleaning up the penis wavers who electrified the world on Chat Roulette. There is YouTube – already seeming like a hoary first generation effort, one stubbornly shunned by advertisers – and its efforts to create a more professional premium version that will be embraced by Madison Avenue. There’s also Viddy, a sort of Instagram of video, Winkball, mostly a b-to-b platform, and Just Sayin’, a Twitter-like mobile platform for video and audio.