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Looking backwards from the Future: Futurist Gerd Leonhard Presentation at Pathways 2013 (by Gerd Leonhard)

Over the course of this series, we have outlined a case for Breakthrough Capitalism. We successfully move towards our Breakthrough scenario when business, government, community, and entrepreneurial leaders work together to change the rules of the game in the key systems in which they operate. Among other things, this involves transforming how investors, suppliers, customers, employees, and competitors define, value, and pursue social impact.

Data is the new Oil: 3 illustrations - which one do you think is best? The theme was coined by Clive Humby at AMA 2006, but I use it a lot in my talks and presentations, see the links here

The b/w piece was done by Sedat Oezgen, the green & cloud piece is by Gerry Alpern, and the people/cloud background was licensed from sevensheaven

What Google+ Needs to Do to Kill Facebook

Turns out in fact, that Circles works best – guess where – on an Android handset. Organizing your contacts in Android 4+ using Circles is really nice, and the integration of everyone’s profile pics works really well. It’s the kind of thing that Facebook – if it had its own mobile OS – would probably be great at too, but without that level of OS integration, Google+Android (hey, that’s catchy…) is much more polished and useful.

BBC News - The age of information overload

If you are on the computer and the TV is on, Nielsen [a television measurement firm] still call it watching TV,” says co-author of the report Professor Roger Bohn, of UC San Diego.